Small but Mighty –

The value of cottage industries is undeniable. Small manufacturing operations, often run out of a person's home. Providing an important source of income, helping the artisans to live in their villages, instead of seeking sub-standard, low-paying jobs in the cities.

Preserving Indigenous Arts –

Creating extraordinarily luxurious natural fabrics and accessories in small batches while supporting and investing in indigenous arts and artisans is an important step toward true sustainability. Our products are made of rare natural fibers and have a low environmental impact.

Brand Ethos

Close to our hearts -

With every purchase, you take a tiny piece of India home with you. Bring home the luxuries of an inherently mystical land and her people.

A Future for Women –

We endeavour to work with family-run businesses led by women. Setting the stage for greater reduction of poverty around them, as resources in women’s hands mean greater household expenditures on family development, health, and education.

Not just Fair Wages –

Every piece in our collection is crafted by individuals that depend on their skills. Nurturing and teaching a new generation of makers is crucial for the proliferation of craft. To preserve yesterday’s skills for tomorrow and beyond. Keeping slow traditions alive in the fast lane of fast fashion.