We are of the traveling kinds, we flock far and wide, from the mountains to the jungle, middle of a city or chirping

by a riverside.

We know no bounds and seek places, a new one each time. We have an eye for the eclectic, we celebrate the


we swoop in early to pick the brightest cherries, the colourful yield. We have a love for the refined and the coarse,

for the new and old.

We bring home the catch to adorn our dwellings, wanting to share with you each. We are Bombay Birds and we

nestle in Zurich.

A brand devoted to bringing a mark of high quality & craftsmanship.

A blend of diverse influences which create distinctly unique and opulent fashion & lifestyle accessories. Here contemporary designs meet traditional handcrafts, marked by rich colours, lush fabrics and exquisite quality.

Made by artisans where craft and skills are passed from generation to generation in rural India and Nepal. Through them the traditions like hand weaving and block printing are kept alive.

Following the Slow Fashion movement. Designing and creating garments for quality and longevity. Encouraging slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints and (ideally) zero waste.

Bombay Birds is a bridge between ancient artistry and urban designs.